HMNU Joins the HPT Family

High Perform Technology (HPT) has completed agreements for collaboration and joint venture relationship with Human Unitec International, Inc. (HMNU). HPT will be facilitating blockchain development for HMNU's renewable energy, healthcare and luxury real estate investments. HPT will be providing its management to support a digital evolution of the HMNU business mission.

About the company

HMNU: Shaping the Future

HMNU, established in 2002 and now part of the HPT group, is a NASDAQ OTC Markets listed company, renowned for its innovations in green energy and medical technology. With a history of strategic investments and partnerships, HMNU is a leader in developing solutions that drive global sustainability and health. recycling technology and pioneering MSK Kinesis Technology for medical therapies.

With HPT’s majority acquisition, new possibilities unfold for HMNU. By combining our strengths, we aim to push the boundaries of technology and sustainability, creating a positive impact in energy and healthcare sectors.

Innovations in Green Energy

Leading in the green energy sector, HMNU is known for its unique 20 tons tire and plastic recycling plant technology. This innovation not only demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability but also positions us at the forefront of global market MSK Kinesis Technology for medical therapies.

Medical Technology Advancements

In the medical sector, HMNU excels with its MSK Kinesis Technology, offering advanced pain management therapies and treatments for conditions like Parkinson’s disease. This innovation underscores HMNU’s dedication to healthcare and patient well-being. MSK Kinesis Technology for medical therapies.

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Human Unitec International Inc. . is a 2002 Nevada Corporation listed on the OTC Market  with the symbol HMNU. Human Unitec International obtained DTCC and FAST eligibility, and is applyng to OTCIQ market as fully reporting company.

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