Ethical, Sustainable, Revolutionary:
The Future of Finance

Pioneering in blockchain solutions, we integrate arbitrage & AI trading bots, innovative real estate, car rentals, financial education, and crypto mining, democratizing wealth and financial prosperity.

Blockchain Solutions & AI trading Bots

Our Mission

Building Trust and Prosperity in a Digital Economy

High Perform Tech aims to renew the financial sector with innovative blockchain solutions, focusing on bringing as many people as possible into this new digital world with simplicity and safety. 

Our mission is to offer high-quality products and personalized services, guiding our users hand in hand to seize all opportunities in digital finance, while maintaining a strong commitment to ethical conduct and safeguarding against dishonest financial activities.

We are dedicated to fostering personal prosperity through blockchain and supporting the equitable sharing of wealth among our community.

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Expand Your Financial Horizons
with Our Spendable Solutions

High Perform Tech delivers a comprehensive range of blockchain services, encompassing
AI and arbitrage trading bots, real estate, sustainable mining, and dynamic financial education.

Arbitrage, AI trading Bots & Smartcontracts

Marketplace with Cefi, Defi, triangulation bots, market making bots, scalping, sniper bots, AI bots , utility token AOT. All ours Bots work 24/24 365/365 in all crypto markets

Real Estate Blockchain

Transforming Real Estate transactions with blockchain, offering exclusive property investments and rentals payable with our AOT token

Car Rental & Investment

Redefining mobility with a wide range of vehicles for short and long-term rental, all payable with AOT, plus unique car investment opportunities.

Finance Education

Educating on asset management and fiscal strategies, empowering clients to navigate the complexities of modern finance with confidence.

Blockchain Learning

Dedicated to informing our community about blockchain technology, ensuring everyone is well-versed in this revolutionary field.

Crypto Mining

Investing in the future of crypto mining, focusing on Bitcoin and other coins, anticipating significant returns from the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

Your Utility Token

Unlock Endless Possibilities with AOT Token

Experience financial stability with AOT Token, not listed on exchanges and maintaining a 1:1 USD parity. With a fixed supply of 50 million, AOT is your key to a world of services.

Rent advanced AI and arbitrage  bots for optimized crypto trading, book dream vacations, and seamlessly rent cars.

Purchase gift cards for daily needs, top up phones, manage travel expenses, and use prepaid credit cards for controlled spending. Simplify bill payments, combining digital convenience with traditional finance.

AOT offers a dependable, versatile financial solution for the modern world.


HPT Welcomes HMNU:
A New Era Begins

We are thrilled to announce HPT’s recent majority acquisition of Human Unitec International (HMNU),

High Perform Technology (HPT) has completed agreements for collaboration and joint venture relationship with Human Unitec International, Inc. (HMNU). HPT will be facilitating blockchain development for HMNU’s renewable energy, healthcare and luxury real estate investments. HPT will be providing its management to support a digital evolution of the HMNU business mission.

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and global impact. Discover more about how this acquisition enhances our capabilities and broadens our horizons in the green energy and medical technology sectors

Partnership Ecosystem

Integrating Digital art, Marketplace, Bots Ecosystem & Versatile Crypto Services, Green & Medical Industries

Manage cryptocurrencies and traditional money with ease! Receive, store, send, buy, sell, and use cryptocurrencies (AOT, BTC, ETH etc.) and traditional money in an easy, fast, and secure way.
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ArtCoin is a token cryptocurrency where the price is designed to be pegged to an exchange-traded assets such as artworks, painting, sculptures.
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Imagine being able to increase your assets day by day and spend your crypto by travelling, renting cars and other products, selling and buying goods from all over the world.
Join us
Human Unitec International Inc. (HMNU) is a Nevada Corporation listed on the NASDAQ OTC Markets with the symbol HMNU. The company represents an asset of HPT and is involved in diversified investments, leading in the Medical & Wellness and Green Energy industries
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About Us

Meet the Pioneers: Redefining Blockchain
for Positive Life Changes

Our team, a blend of visionary experts, is committed to reshaping the financial landscape. We specialize in integrating blockchain technology across various sectors, creating a more equitable and efficient financial future.

Fabio De Stefano - CEO

Creator of bot strategies with 7 years of experience in crypto-world.

Marco Tassinari - Sales Manager

Network Marketing Expert with over 30 years of experience.