HPT and ARTCOIN Forge New Paths: Fabio De Stefano Elevates as President.

HPT announces a monumental partnership with ARTCOIN, marking a new chapter in blockchain and art. Fabio De Stefano takes the helm as President, promising innovative expansions and a global vision.

HPT is thrilled to announce the strategic appointment of Fabio De Stefano as the new President of ARTCOIN, marking a pivotal chapter in our mission to integrate art with cutting-edge blockchain technology. This significant move not only solidifies our position in the tech landscape but also fosters avenues for unprecedented innovation and creativity.

In a significant development, Outsider Srl company, headquartered in the Republic of San Marino at Via Consiglio dei Sessanta n°99 – Dogana, and the licensee of ARTCOIN, through its CEO Mirko Boagno, has welcomed the corporate partnership with High Perform Technology Spa. Located in Bulgaria at Bulv. Bratya Buxton n°55 – Sofia, HPT is recognized as a leader in the blockchain sector, setting the stage for a synergistic collaboration in the realm of blockchain and art.

Fabio De Stefano’s presidency brings forth ambitious goals for ARTCOIN, including the launch of “Highperformex,” its proprietary exchange platform currently in development, expansion across 16 additional stock exchanges with a new listing on Toobit, and the inauguration of a museum exhibition in San Marino by March 2024. ARTCOIN, under the new leadership, invites enthusiasts to engage in the forthcoming events of its traveling tour spanning cities like Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Brindisi, Trapani, and Olbia.

Reflecting on this milestone, Fabio De Stefano remarked, “High Perform Technology Spa’s investment in ARTCOIN stems from recognizing the project’s immense potential. We are poised to utilize our extensive experience in the cryptocurrency realm to bolster ARTCOIN token’s growth. Our commitment is for the long haul, focusing on establishing the ARTCOIN museum, launching our exchange, and amplifying investment in emerging artists. We are keen on introducing the ARTCOIN token and its art-centric project to the American financial markets shortly.”

This news underscores HPT’s dedication to pioneering within the blockchain industry and our ongoing endeavors to explore and innovate across the globe.

Company Comment

“As HPT embarks on this partnership with ARTCOIN, we are not just investing in a project, we are investing in the future of art and blockchain. The appointment of Fabio De Stefano as President of ARTCOIN marks a significant milestone in our journey towards integrating art with innovative technology. This collaboration underscores our belief in ARTCOIN’s vision and our commitment to supporting its growth. Together, we aim to redefine the art market, making it more accessible and impactful on a global scale. This is a testament to HPT’s dedication to pioneering in the blockchain sector and our ongoing effort to explore new horizons.”

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