HPT Acquires Majority Stake in HMNU – Charting a New Course in Innovation.

HPT's acquisition of HMNU signifies a major step forward in the technology sector, uniting two companies committed to developing sustainable and groundbreaking solutions. This merger promises to enhance both companies' abilities to innovate and deliver technologies that are not only advanced but also environmentally conscious and beneficial to society

About Human Unitec International Inc.

NASDAQ OTC Markets Listing and Its Impact


HPT’s strategic acquisition of HMNU marks a significant enhancement of HMNU’s market position, leveraging vital resources and expertise. This move aligns seamlessly with HMNU’s commitment to pioneering technologies in the medical and green energy sectors, now augmented by HPT’s integration of blockchain technology. This state-of-the-art addition promises to revolutionize existing systems and processes.

In conclusion, HPT’s acquisition of a majority stake in HMNU represents a pivotal development, brimming with potential for both. It lays the groundwork for a synergistic partnership that aims to foster innovation and growth in the Medical & Wellness and Green Energy industries powered by advanced blockchain solutions.

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